These are things that I was surprised by in BC, Canada.!

-Every sign and label is written in English and French since both are their official language.

-They have four seasons like Japan!
*There are beautiful cherry blossoms too. The awesome thing is that there is no pollen allergy in the spring and no humid days in the summer!

-They take off their shoes when they enter the house! It’s the same as Japanese culture!!

-The delivery service is not as kind as the one in Japan.
*They never deliver to the house again in the case that receivers are not at home when the parcels are delivered the first time. So in that case, the receivers have to go to the nearest post office or sometimes go to the office which is located so far away.

-Marijuana is illegal, but very common. You will smell it downtown in Vancouver. *I hate it. I swear I will never try it.

-In Vancouver, there are a lot of homeless people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some people look like zombies because their faces and bodies are almost inflamed by drugs.
*I don’t like that homeless people use cats or dogs in order to get sympathy.

7.バスを降りる時は、ドライバーに”Thank you!”と大きな声で言う習慣があって素敵。
-Many people say “Thank you,” to the driver when they get off the bus.

-We rarely see motorbikes since we have a lot of rain on the west side of Canada.


-Medical expenses are free!
*At first, I thought it’s a really good system. But Canadians complain that every clinic is always crowded because people frequently go there to see the doctor. But I think it’s much better than the medical system in the US which is super expensive. Anyways, each of these system has its merits and demerits.

-We can buy alcohol only at liquor stores and we are never allowed to drink it in public places.
*In Japan, we can buy alcohol at supermarkets and convenience stores as well. We have even vending machine for alcohol!


-It’s a big multicultural country. There are so many immigrants and international students and workers, especially in Vancouver. They cherish their own cultures including life style and languages.
*So, while I was walking downtown in Vancouver, I heard various kinds of languages.


-They usually don’t do overtime!
*I felt that they really cherish spending time with their family after work and on holidays.


-They can keep studying forever if they want to!
*It’s more common in Canada to go to a university or college again even if they already graduated from one, or have kids, or have jobs, or they are already retired. This environment is amazing!

-We sometimes can see squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, or deers in the garden.

-The price for getting a driver’s license is so cheap(about $400?), but it takes a long time to get a real license.
*In Japan, we have to pay more than $2,000.But we can get it in one month in the shortest.

-Not every car, but when the car is locked, the horn was usually honked.
*I heard that actually the car locks without honking the horn but if they press the lock key again the horn honks. Lots of people press the button twice to make sure it locked.

-Cars can turn right even though the traffic signal is red!

-Canadians love “Peanut butter”! I think each family has A big jar of peanut butter!

19.カナダ人男性は、ホッケーの試合を見始めると・・豹変します。笑 悪い意味ではないです。笑
-Canadian guys get so excited while watching hockey games. Hockey is a very popular sport in Canada.

-They don’t dry clothing outside. They always use drying machines.
*I heard that some Chinese or Philippine Canadian families dry it outside.


-They really like Japanese food, especially sushi! There are tons of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.
*Unfortunately, more than half of them are ran by non Japanese.
*I though it’s interesting that some Canadian friends eat sushi more than Japanese people. On top of that, some foreigners think that Japanese people eat sushi a few times a week.

-“Sharing a house” is very common. They enjoy sharing a house with people of different age, sex, culture etc.

-Coffee at Starbucks is not expensive in Canada.
*I was surprised at very expensive Starbucks coffee in Japan.

-They don’t care about age!

-Their relationships are so open! They often take their boyfriend or girlfriend to a party. It’s common to make friends on Facebook with their parents, siblings, and relatives.

-The price of cigarettes is very expensive. It costs about $8 per pack of cigarettes.

-The places where people can smoke are limited.Only a few Asian international students smoke in public spaces even though it’s not allowed.

-There are a lot of gay couples in Canada, and it is acceptable by the society! That’s great.

-There are many places where we can get free WiFi.

-At almost every restaurant, we can just eat whatever we like and then take the leftover home.

-Even in kindergarden, kids have presentations in front of classmates. They are good at talking and explaining something, or speaking their opinions.

…….Well, in conclusion I still like both Canada and Japan 🙂

いつもENGLISH LIFEを活用頂きありがとうございます。
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